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Everything in life has and emits a certain frequency that makes IT its-self. A chair is matter made up of atoms powered by a nucleus which is energy at its center. Vibrate with the frequency of the thing you desire and you can manifest it in your life. Manifestation is automatic based on the frequencies you emit or tune into - much like tuning into a radio station. When you tune into 92.3FM you cannot hear songs, DJ feeds or news from 103.9FM because you are tuned into 92.3FM. It is very much the same with life. Take a look at your life and more or less you can see what frequencies you have tuned into over a certain period of time. If you like what you are experiencing and what you see you may continue tuning into them, and if you don't you may tune into something else to perceive (see, smell, taste, hear, feel) that which you prefer. Much like re-setting your antenna or satellite dish, if you will, you may tune into those things you do desire to draw it towards yourself and experience, perceive, enjoy and express it. Spirit always manifests automatically as per the frequency it emits/holds. Much like a healthy body showcasing frequencies of Beauty, Symmetry, Unity and Harmony aspired and held over a certain period, compared to one that is not/ill. Your resonance determines your experience.

One Science of Mind lecture we had circa 2005 was about, "Integrity." Desires and dreams are important because they fuel LIFE - before you can reach your destination you need to find out where you are going, otherwise your trip or journey would not have meant anything and you can go anywhere without knowing you've arrived - much like a hamster constantly running inside a wheel exhausting himself without really, "going anywhere." The value of our, "True North," is that it gives value to every step we take knowing it gets us somewhere and guarantees the correctness of our direction lighting up the paths we need to take to get us there, i.e. if you are going to Baguio then you need to take the bus or transport that gets you to Baguio - cos if you take the one that goes to Batangas then you won't. Your desire or dream gives you, "Integrity," - your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds aligned with your desire and dream, to manifest and express it in your life as your very own life itself unfolding and happening in real time - your desire expressed, enjoyed, experienced and manifested through and as YOU.

You are your desire and dream expressed and expressing today.

Dream up, dream big, dream you. Dream well.

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