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The Color Green

Nature can only say, "yes." When you are not feeling well, you only need to run to nature and automatically you start feeling better. Why is this so? Humans operate on a certain frequency and anything above or below this frequency is not normal to our being and asserts stress that, over time, if left unchecked, may cause imbalances that lead to ailments, problems or dis-ease. Ailments, problems and dis-ease are the body's way of signalling to us that something is off-kilter and not in the right - so we may stop whatever it is we are doing and begin the walk back to, "center," and re-align, re-set. Nature vibrates to our original human frequency so the closer we are to nature the, "healthier," we are. Our cells relax and our whole being feels, "home." Green vibrates to the frequency of the heart or the midpoint, corresponding with the color of the rainbow, bringing balance. Surrounding yourself in green brings you back to center and balances you. Health is nothing more than having everything in balance and equilibrium, and when things are no longer in equilibrium that is when we feel or get, "sick." Going to nature or immersing our selves in the color green, as with the trendy forest bathing, brings us back to balance and can support, nourish and even assist in healing the body. When was the last time you took a stroll in the park or lay down or walked barefoot on the grass? Well, what are you waiting for? Live well!

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