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The Science of Mind & Well-Being

Quantum physicists were looking for quarks - which is the smallest particle of an atom, and they found that, wherever they looked, that was where they found the quarks - thereby seeing the relation of our reality (composed of many atoms) as created/influenced by our mind: "where your mind goes, there life is!"

This happens on a physiological level almost instantly whether you like it or not.

A thought creates electrical impulses in the brain that converts to chemicals within 15 seconds of you thinking (take the thought of biting an apple, for example), giving you feelings (slowly you smell the apple and even hear the crunch as you bite into it, tasting the juicy flavor of the apple as it escapes into your mouth), and these feelings when entertained within 15 minutes impregnates and marks your body, slowly becoming part of your reality (in a few minutes you may want to possibly get an apple or buy apple juice to eat and drink!). These feelings and physical imprints then Inspire your words and actions which, overtime, influence your character, and your character, overtime, influences your life. That is why they say if you want to change or take care of your reality, the first thing you need to do is watch your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions - because there lies your life!

Einstein said it well in frequencies, how like attracts like:

"Everything i energy, and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." - Albert Einstein

Much like water seeking its own level. Water never goes up but always goes to the lowest level guaranteeing equanimity and balance. Frequencies will always meet each other much like tuning in to your favorite radio station. You will not hear it if you did not tune into it. Same with our reality - you will not perceive it if you are not tuned into it - and our realities are always a good mirror to see what we have so far entertained in our consciousness and what, perhaps, we are also ready to release, when the, "reflection," or, "image," is something we do not really like!

Thanking the reflection for showing us what we have entertained thus far is key, no matter how unpleasant. We have entertained so many things in our childhood we cannot possibly control it all and our realities - especially when they are unpleasant - are always good opportunities to reassess and reevaluate our mindsets, where our minds and consciousness were, so to speak, that it would get us to this particular reality we do not like, so redirect our awareness and come to the realization of the ideals, goals and desires we actually do like - for the kind of lives we, in fact, want to lead! There are many sources of our, "conditioning," and things we have, "accepted," without, "conscious choice," because much of life especially as kids have been taken by, "default," thinking we do not have a choice when in fact, we do. When faced with an unpleasant encounter we are actually at a point of change and the encounter is showing us that the door is open and we can walk out of it for something new we prefer! We can thank the encounter for showing us what we have entertained thus far (albeit unconsciously), and in compassionate forgiveness and grateful understanding give thanks to ourselves for the realization and graciously allow ourselves to walk through the door to better experiences and those something more, something different, bigger, and better things in harmony with us!

And this is the rub and point of it all, in fact - that, regardless and no matter what, what we want to be is happy - simply, indubitably, undeniably - happy. To have what all life seeks to and can give us - today! That phone, that house, that life state with family, that lover, that friend... How could life deny thee its perfection expression through and as you?

All of life seeks perfect unfolding, expression, enjoyment and experience - we see this as all flowers bloom perfectly without worry or competition, stars shine brightly, equally so... All trees grow tall and strong without compunction - they are all always perfectly supported, supplied, secured and safe to provide shade for all and wood for fire so strong and tall - taken care of by the Universe and all of life itself that they do not need to worry about their supply or how they will bloom, shine or grow - they just do. All of life takes care of, supports, supplies, keeps safe and secures itself - it is natural to its being. And how are we different from these being one with all of life - not separate, but united and ONE WITH all of Life Itself, as ITS OWN?

What a joy to realize we like the light. What a joy to realize we like the Good. What a joy to realize we like it easy, joyful, wonderful, in the easiest and most wonderful way - because it is who we are.

Let the rain of blessings fall.

Yi Domingo

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