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The Human Energy Body Clock

Traditional Chinese Medicine asserts that there are certain hours of the day that our vital systems are most active & it's best to do our activities around these active states to go with the grain & ensure we operate with the least effort or strain on our systems. The stomach is most active 7AM to 9AM - which means this is the best time to eat a big meal without causing strain on the digestive system and ensure we assimilate vital nutrients from food we need for our day's energy needs. The heart is most active between 11AM to 1PM, which makes it the best time to get out & work, be active, helpful, productive & the best time for lunch! The pericardium governs brain activity, circulation & the reproductive organs & is most active between 7PM to 9PM - making it the best time to socialize, flirt & have fun, have sex & conceive a baby! The vital systems operate to keep us alive & when we go with the grain we experience ease while going against the grain may yield discomfort or even ailments when unchecked. If we eat when the body should be at rest then we cause strain on our vital systems... Over time, we suffer the discomforts (i.e. disease, aging, etc.), signalling to the body to re-establish its natural groove to resume ease & harmony: the body's natural states. The difference between a bright & energized day (where you feel loved & alive), & a lethargic, depressive, heavy one may well just rest in how, "on-time," you have your breakfast & that you go out & flirt on the hours you extend at work overtime (because your physiology says so!). Mental & emotional health may ride the grain of our actual physical upkeep & well-being, so taking, "a time for everything," as a health practise may actually prove supportive - at present & in the long run, so we experience, enjoy & express ease, beauty & harmony as our life state! See if you can observe this human energy body clock & note down results in your energy & health states after 1-month daily practise! Share with your friends so the whole family and loved ones can enjoy!

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Live well!

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