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Saluting the Sun = Honoring Your Self

The sun... Biologically it activates all vital processes for life making it an important source of energy for life on earth. In the human, exposure to UVB rays (taken early morning by virtue of skin cancer risk) triggers the production of vitamin D in the body (activated in the liver and kidneys as Calcitriol, a hormone) that helps absorb calcium, phosphate and magnesium - vital minerals to keep us alive - in the system. Calcitriol also has other effects, including some on cell growth, neuromuscular and immune functions, and reduction of inflammation. It activates the vitality of cells, and inhibits certain cancers like colon and breast cancer from developing, and, taken in the morning, jumpstarts metabolism, fuels digestive processes, activates vitality curbing depression, lethargy, ennui, etc. It is hard to stay sad in the light of the sun because vital processes awake bringing you to life.

Astrologically the, "Sun," represents the, "Self," that which shines and radiates. In paganism, the Sun was a source of life, giving warmth and illumination to mankind. Sun-Day is the day of and for the Self, a time to pause and reflect on what was accomplished and gathered during the week to receive, take stock, give thanks, as we rest - do non-directional activities like cooking, eating, cleaning, the laundry, seeing friends, being with loved ones and family... Even God as in the Bible rested on the seventh day. And He said, "It is Good." In yoga we liken Sunday to Savasana or Corpse Pose, where, as you lie supine, sleep or rest, you absorb the nutrients of your practise - because assimilation and receiving happens at rest, not while you are at work. How wonderful to live and enjoy the life you are living as you take a pause to mind, be grateful for, and honor it. The incoming as important as (if not more) as the outgoing, the receding complementary and giving importance to the approaching; the lows to the highs, the female to the male, yin to the yang, black to the white, the ebb to the flow, left to right - the wonderful Dance and Courtship of Life!

This Sun-Day, herald for your self a day of empowerment and vitality into your being. Rise at 6 or 7, do your wellness practise, and receive the vital nutrients of your practise as you rest and soak up the powerful early morning rays before 9am. Mind, give thanks to, and honor thine being as wonderful Life you are! Soak up, receive. And live well 🙏🙏

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ng #gobacktoself#honorthinebeing #dayofrest#wellnesswithayee #iyogaphilippines

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