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Arbor Day Urban Treeplanting

June 23, 2017 (Saturday) - 6AM to 8AM, iYoga* Philippines and RSOMPhil joined the Taguig City Environment & Natural Resources Office (CENRO), the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the Philippine Army, the Philippine Navy, and the Sons & Daughters of War Veterans in the Urban Treeplanting at Veterans Road, Taguig, for Arbor Day. It was a wonderful day planting 500 seedlings to the earth in honor of mother nature and our lives with her!

Why do we plant trees, and why should we do it yearly?


Because we want to keep our air cool and fresh.. Because we need fresh and cool air to keep us safe each day and live.. We need to keep ourselves surrounded by trees! Like lungs, trees filter extreme toxins and heavy metal pollutants from the air converting it so that what it emits is fresh cool air and oxygen we can breathe - activating our cells, nourishing the deepest aspects of our being, keeping us alive and safe.


Her shades cool our grounds, keeping us conditioned. Global warming, like any dis-ease, is simply a symptom, indicating something, "not in order," so we may, "order," and, "fix it," again. We can easily remedy this by planting (more) trees that cool our earth and air, support ourselves and life!


Her leaves and body have natural healing properties for many cultures... And her branches supply wood for fires to keep us warm, lumber for our homes to keep us safe.


Her roots.. Hold the soil to the earth so she does not wash out to sea.. And we have a place to stand, preventing erosion in high areas, and landslides. She keeps us grounded and stable.


The color green is also the midpoint of the spectrum, corresponding to the heart of man - which balances and harmonizes. Whenever you don't feel well, just go where there is alot of trees, and she will harmonize and balance you.

Trees are very pretty, but they are hardly just decorative. They serve a very intrinsic and essential purpose to life... To us as human beings, living on our planet. Let us care for her, then? Keep her safe, as she keeps us loved?

That is why, iYoga* and RSOMPhil oversees yearly TREEPLANTING ACTIVITIES in support of man, in honor of Mother Earth. This is a good way to plant good seeds for the earth and man, instill good karma, because planting one seed does not just benefit you, but all lives that tree touches. It generates wellness for ourselves and our fellowmen thru environmental care, which we and the next generation after us may enjoy and love.. This life and well-being ripples not just where we are but the rest of the planet... Bringing good, to everyone! When you plant trees, wherever you are, however which way you do it, helps! You become a LIFE supporter and bringer - for all of us to enjoy and love! How wonderful you are!

You are welcome to support, sponsor, and plant with us! We need all the helping hands we can. Contact us for regular treeplanting initiatives the second quarter of the year for support! Please invite your friends, colleagues and family because this is something we can do together wonderfully. It won't take longer than an hour - and after that, we are all closer, and safer.

For those out of the country, you are welcome to sponsor and we will plant in your name. Please indicate how many seedlings you are sponsoring, and we shall account for it with the DENR. We will submit funds to the DENR ahead before the activity so they may prepare the site, on the day.

Let us create the world we want to live in, today. One good seed planted, at a time. Please call +63 2 219-4330 for information and to coordinate your participation. You may also PM me. Thank you for your support!

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