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Taguig River Clean-up

Because our Within reflects our Without and our Without reflects our Within, support for both is key to living wonderfully. As we support cleaning and greening projects throughout the year, we support the cleaning and greening of our own lives. Our environment affects us and everyone whose lives each location affects. As we help clean and green our environment, we bring positive benefit not just to ourselves but everyone whose lives are affected by that area. Bringing good karma. First quarter of the year is ideal for cleaning, while second quarter of the year is great for planting, when weather supports.

June 9, 2018 · Taguig · Brgy. Pinagsama

It was an honor to join the task force led by team Ariel Abad & coordinator Marina Alapide of the Taguig Solid Waste Management Office (SWMO) in their river cleanup today at Brgy. Pinagsama, Phase II. River cleanups happen daily at the area mornings due to the volume of garbage in the river that flows down from the city that cranes were needed to collect the garbage from the water. When i arrived trash was already relatively removed but the team says the rain brings in trash daily. Boats, cleaning nets and gloves were provided by the office but rain poured and required raincoats, rubber gloves and possibly vitamin supplements and immune boosters for the cleaners who get exposed to the rain and cold while at work. Team is inspiring because they are all smiles and enthusiastic and even was challenged by the rain to work faster. I went to help collect garbage at the second round of collections boarding one of the boats after the first round of garbage sacks were collected. Rain poured hard and we had to hasten our cleaning collecting at least 20-30 sacks of garbage from our effort. They were loaded onto the truck and brought to the garbage disposal facility in C-6. The day started at 6:30am with weather being overcast with slight showers, which helped our activity cos team said the area can have an offensive smell in the heat. We finished close to 11am with the team dropping me off at Taguig City Hall, to close. There appears to be a call to help this cleaning effort through proper waste segregation and waste disposal by each Filipino at large so that waterways remain unimpeded and floods are prevented. When garbage blocks waterways even small rains can make the waters rise causing flooding in the barangays and communities close to the water. Groups are welcome to support Barangay Pinagsama and the Taguig SWMO in their daily cleanup to support the community. Donations of rubber gloves, face masks, raincoats, boots, vitamin supplements, immune boosters, refreshments and snacks are also always most welcome to support our valiant cleaners and SWMO teams. It was only a few hours spending time with this team, but, truly, i felt blessed we have them guarding our creeks day in and day out - going out and literally getting their hands and feet dirty to keep everyone safe. They have not had breakfast yet cos call-time was early, but, notwithstanding, they had so much energy, gusto, and were even singing and working with all smiles. Enough about politicking - these guys are my heroes! Special shout out to the best clean-up team ever - cleaning with gusto, a smile and a song!

Jigger Cutanda Jomark Ibañes Jovill Quiambao Dhats Sambutoan Leonardo Martinez jr Armando Calabitasan

I feel honored to work with them and spend time with them, learning about what they do as i helped clean. They deserve a boost and a huge dose of our bayanihan support and spirit! I don't know what they mean when they complain about our country. WE make our nation and there is hope in our country because WE are in it. Nothing is lost. Our time is now. We have so much power to make a difference, and TODAY is a good day, ANY DAY, to make it happen. Thank you for this opportunity. Working for RSOMPhil, iYoga*, KMTP & The North Face with Taguig City Hall SWMO today - In light and love.. In peace and harmony.. In wealth and prosperity.. In beauty and grace. MABUHAY!!

Check on the nearest cleaning project near you and help support yourself and secure for yourself a clean environment for overall wellness!! Charity begins at home! 😊💛💪💪 Live well! Thank you to the North Face, for our gear! #cleaning #quarterone #aswithin#sowithout #aswithout #sowithin #livewell#greendiplomacy #wellnesswithayee#iyogaphilippines #rsomphil#thenorthfaceph #neverstopexploring

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