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Lately i have been observing how energies rise and fall with the moon phases. Feelings will always indicate to you your health state and it is good to be tuned in so you are aware of how you are and are able to manage things before they (or you) break. The moon influences the tides (due to its magnetic pull), and since most of us (as humans) is made up of more than 80% water, the waxing and waning of the moon affects us whether we are aware of it or not. When the moon waxes (moves towards full), energies in the planet rise, while energies recede, when the moon wanes (moves towards darkness to new). Much like going with the grain and seasons, it is wise to pattern our intentions and actions and rest periods around the moon phases, so that we can manage our energies and outputs around it and do not exert effort unnecessarily or wastefully but instead enjoy the flow. When we go against the grain, as in swimming upstream, work seems harder, whereas going with the grain as in allowing ourselves to float downstream allows us to ride the waves in ease, arriving at our destination in style. I tried to be more aware of this cos i noticed there are times i just suddenly get sick or burn out from exerting too much effort at work or caring about things, when my friend told me about the moon phases and how we can go with the energy of the moon so we get to enjoy our intents and movements in life. It has been most helpful in that during my own moontime as a woman, i learn to appreciate the process of slowing down and letting go so i can recover and upon recovery rise again. Much like a rubber band that we need to let go of so that it does not break, the moon phases help me see how far i can go during the active phase of the moon, and why i should let go during the waning phase. There is a time to set the desire, and a time to act on the desire, and a time to stand back and watch it bloom and grow and pick the fruit for harvest, and relax. It is an interesting phenomenon i am still learning to appreciate more and more, as a natural rhythm of life, honoring my own rising and receding actions, respecting the Life Itself that is within and about me. Helping manage expectations and energies so that, just like the rubber band, i am able to retain my elasticity and remain useful for another day.

Here is a repost inspired by @yoga_lifestyles from Instagram on the influences of the moon, and how we can best ride her energies, for well-being and joy. I hope it helps you on your own journey!


@yoga_lifestyles (@get_repost) ・・・ Yoga and the Moon: A Love Story 💛🌛 🧘‍♀️Women are highly affected by the moon and its cycles, although many of us are unaware of it. So, here are four basic Moon Phases and how you make it work in your favor!! #blogpost ____🌛____ 1. New Moon 🌑 Great time to set a specific intention. Choose a yoga practice that helps you focus on what you want to manifest in your life. Pick postures and meditations that inspire you and make you feel confident. __🌛__ 2. Waxing 🌒 During this time, the moon is still growing (waxing) so it holds that energy which you can harness. Think of your intention like a seed and practice things that will help nurture it. Create a yoga and the moon practice that will help your intentions grow and flourish. __🌛__ 3. Full Moon 🌚 This is the perfect time to release or let go of anything that is no longer serving you or holding you back from manifesting what you desire. Bring rituals into your yoga and meditation practices that encourage the releasing process. __🌛__ 4. Waning 🌗 It’s still holding energy that will help you to release. Use this time to dig deep to uncover what’s holding you back. Get rid of clutter and anything causing stress, or at least find alternate and more effective ways to manage it. __🌛__ Check out our latest Insta Story to read more about this amazing #article! 👆

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