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Be All You Can Be!

"Health," taken from the Greek word, "Helios," means, "Wholeness." When we see it from its origin, health expands outward from merely time spent at the gym or furrowing our brow over what to eat towards the rest of our lives - our relationships (and how they are or how we are in relation to them), our careers: what we decide to do for a living and why, the expression and development or pursuit of our talents, interests and skills so we feel ourselves useful, used, helpful, supportive, important, belonging in this big scheme we call life. Life is constant motion and once we attain something there is That In Us which seeks an expansion and expression, experience and enjoyment into more of Its Self. WE ARE LIFE EXPRESSING, EXPERIENCING & ENJOYING ITSELF AS US - and we experience, enjoy and express ourselves not just for ourselves but for all of humanity and Life Itself whom we represent - great, grand, glorious! May you rise to be the best you are and can be. You're the shiznit! #beallyoucanbe #riseandshine #value #ideals #talents #interests #skills #activate #actualize #express #realize #wellnesswithayee #scienceofmind

#expansion #expression #completion #thefullhuman #selfrealization

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