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The Power of a Daily Practise

It is amazing what a regular yoga practise can bring. It is almost as if you (allot time in your day to) set all things aside to gaze into a clear pool and find out what (or who??) is up with you... Like stirring a pot, things surface as you breathe and do the poses, allowing you to recognize thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions, reactions you never even knew you held, thought, or entertained - until now. And like any meandering, you throw away or let go of what no longer serves you, while you keep and give thanks to the things that serve a beautiful purpose in your life. No longer just about getting the pose right or being able to do a pose, yoga becomes true to its word - it connects you to yourself and your being, which is what the word, "yoga," means - "to yolk," or, "to bind," and, "bring together." Although it is and will always be a great workout, this aspect of yoga is possibly comparable to time made and spent with a friend or loved one... Time made and spent for home or at the therapists chair - cos then you set a date and get jiggy with the most important person in your life: your Self. Getting acquainted with and finding stillness, forgiveness, humor, love and compassion for all those things that make you the beloved and precious one you are.

Check out "The Power of a Daily Practice - UPLIFT TV" https://uplift.tv/2018/the-power-of-a-daily-practice/ with Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, for this commentary. You are worth it. #timeforself #timeforbeing #mindyourself #mindyourbeing #meditationinmotion #yoga #dailypractise #grounding #thenortfaceph #neverstopexploring #wellnesswithayee #iyogaphilippines

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