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Spring Cleaning & Detoxification

Circulation is life. A river that runs freely breeds well being in its ecosystem, while stagnant waters breed dis-ease. This is nature, & it is the same with the body. When blood circulates freely carrying nutrients from the food we eat, we are vitalized & come to life. Proper circulation is key to life, & moving, which allows proper circulation to take place, brings us to life! This first quarter of 2019, iYoga* launches it's DETOX PROGRAMS that allow you to release what is no longer needed by your body (heart & mind) for physical, emotional & mental wellness. Toxic build-up can lead to dis-ease, mental & emotional tension, aging, disharmony that can affect work & relationships, & the regular release of toxins (through urination, sweat & bowel movements) bring you the following benefits: √ loss of excess weight √ loss of unwanted inches √ trimming to your ideal form √ mental & emotional ease & clarity √ balanced hormones √ clear skin √ sound sleep √ better performance at work √ harmony in relationships √ fresh breath √ delayed aging √ enhanced libido √ increased stamina, strength & endurance √ enhanced immunity √ increased vitality √ happy disposition iYoga* programs are designed to inspire these through:

√ yoga exercise sessions that activate proper circulation & elimination in the body, heart & mind

√ yoga wellness workshops to orient you about, "Practical Detoxification Techniques," you may do on your own or with your group this first quarter to bring strength & well-being to support & fortify you for your strong 2019 Send us a PM us for your interests and inquiries! It's our pleasure to support! Live well!! 💪💪🙏 #wellbeing #detoxify releaseforease #harmony #mindbody #clarity #smoothflow #iyogaphilippines

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