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Breakfast & Thanksgiving

I started DoYouYoga.com's Forever Fit in 8 Weeks Program with Sam Harris-Hughes & i really love learning & practising pilates. I have always loved moving because it helped me process thoughts & feelings physically as a kid, & in the program Sam guides everyone through some diet recommendations, as well. By, "diet," we mean, "what you eat," versus, "what you restrict," - the right foods to take & at proper hours, to nourish the cells.

Today's breakfast was prepared by me personally. Sam recommended smoothie bowls as a great way to load up on nutrients first thing in the morning, & I did my own version using fresh cacao (chocoloate), which I love!

Cacao is a heart opening bean, & taken in awareness, can really bring you all its healing & healthful properties! I cooked my friend's 100% cacao tablets grown from their family farm (which she sent to me, yay!!) with distilled water & freshly squeezed coconut milk bought from our community vegetable market (at the end of our main street) in a pot, stirring consistently as the liquids thicken, mixed with sliced ginger & a stick of cinnamon, for a robust flavor, adding coco sugar, to taste. Coco sugar is the best sugar now made from coconut because it is the only sugar that does not elevate blood sugar levels so is safe for people watching their sugar intake. When all are thickened after boiling & some heat, you can leave the cacao to cool on the pot, then transferred to a small pitcher or coco/tea pot & placed inside the refrigerator so it thickens some more, with a mousse-like consistency 💕🌷🌷🙏 Chocolate is love!! I love how I can make it myself!

From the ref, having cooled & thickened the fresh cacao, i pour it over my breakfast bowl filled with 2 cooled & ripened bananas, topped with chia seeds & granola (oats, whole grain cereal, glazed with honey, dried fruit, chopped nuts & pumpkin seeds). Along with this, I pour dark roast coffee (low caffeine) from the coffee pot onto my breakfast cup, adding a teaspoon of collagen peptides (amino acids) with a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil.

The morning is sweet & i am excited to take these to my room to eat. It's super healthy, packed with iron, magnesium, potassium, omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids, prebiotic, fiber, complex carbohydrates, antioxidants & love!!

My stomach & soul were happy for the feeding & I am glad I can use locally sourced produce for my well-being, supporting communities. I feel hearty, healthy & whole! 😄

Looking forward to workout with Sam in a bit after I digest & may attend a lecture first at the Wisdom School of Embodied Philosophy while waiting. Let's feed our body, mind, heart & soul with love! It can't thrive on anything else, really.

I love you like a fat kid loves ice cream.


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