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Show Up


Even if you feel fat, or heavy or ugly. Even if you feel like it's of no use & it will all come to nothing.


Even if the world seems to be crumbling & there is no hope & you feel small, inconsequential or futile.


Because even if no one is watching... Even if no one seems to be listening... Even if no one else seems to feel or care... You are, & you do. You see everything... You hear everything... You feel it all & you care about it all. Because it's you. Your world. Your Universe, & you can't let your self down. You can't let your world down. You can't let your Universe down. It's counting on you. You are counting on you. You can't turn away from it. You can't turn away from you. You can't turn away from yourself.


Because you're worth it.


Even of your voice feels small & no one can hear you.


Speak for you - because you have a voice. It was put on this Life for a reason - not so you can be all you're not. Not so you can be someone else. So you can be you.


Because though it's not everything nor everyone - it's YOU - & that is all.

Guru calls it, "PERFECT LIFE EXPRESSION," - we all resonate & expand towards those states & ideals that inspire us - like seeds that have been planted in us so they may bloom & grow in the world through our stewardship. The word "inspiration" is a physiological term for respiration meaning "taking in a breath" or "inhaling" - when we inhale we inspire our lungs which brings us to life. We have ideals & aspirations that bring us to life much the way breath activates our cells - those ideals that keep us alive & make us feel alive - the seeds latent in us for our perfect unfolding - so we must live & carry ourselves in integrity with them - live in unity & harmony with them, live our lives in resonance with our grandest hopes & aspirations - because that is why we are born! We are born to express a quality & integrity of living only we ourselves can express - so they can see themselves through the light of day through us as us. Each of us her emissaries & channels for its expression through our very lives & decorum.

He calls it the "LAW OF RESONANCE," - you cannot hear a radio station you're not tuned into - if you're on 97.1 you cannot hear 107.5 cos you're not tuned in to that frequency. So if you say you are attuned to Beauty you need to vibe with Beauty & do, feel, speak & act upon those things & practises that resonate with it/on Her behalf, otherwise you be vibing with dang ugly (or its opposite) - & you didn't really want that. Health vibrates to Health & not dis-ease - if you're not acting on those practises that bring you health then you cannot manifest it. DOING makes the ideal REAL. ACTION expresses your ideals like a loudspeaker - you don't even need to talk about it. It is just applied. It sculpts you into that which you wish to be.

An athlete cannot sit all day watching TV lest he be a couch potato. An athlete trains & watches his diet & activates his performance and beats his record day in & day out. Cos that is what athletes do. Couch potatoes can never be athletes because their actions resonate with couch potatoes. One cannot be the other. In the same way 1+1 will never be a 10 = regardless how you insist against the fact even if you blame God or your neighbor or Corona or the government or your parents = 1+1 will never be a 10 = you get only the resonance of what you put out. Corollarily, 5+5 can never be a 2. Blame God the government or Corona = it will always be a 10.

What are you vibing to? How are you being today & what results do you think you will get out of that? Everything comes from everything. Nothing comes from nothing. Everything you do leads to something. Where are you going with that? Do you know? Or are you a mindless automated moron? I didn't think so.

Whiney wussy brat expecting heaven to fall on your lap without you resonating with your heaven? Seeds planted reap the same & more of the same cos many fruits are born from that one seed. You become & get what you are.

So how are you being now? Where are you going with that? Do you want it?

What is your heaven? What is your 10? How do you think you're going to get there? Love? Support? Health? Safety? Well-being? Are those attractive to you?

There is a math & science to everything the same way the easiest way to get to B from A is a straight line. The same way you need to take a ride to Vegas if you want to get there cos if you take the ride to SF then that's not where you're going. Just do what needs to be done to get you there cos going about in circles whining & pointing fingers won't cut it.

The means need to vibe with the frequency of your end goal or you'll never tune in to your station. You'll never get to where you want to go. You'll always end up whining.

Do you want to be a whiner? I didn't think so.

So, what is your heaven? What is your 10? And what is all this 24 hours in a day for? To whine? Or to get to it? How much of time do you spend putting on things that are actually of consequence to your end goal? Cos you can really allot all of that to your perfect expression & embodiment.



This is you. Your life. Your time. Use it or lose it. Time waits for no one. Don't wait. Act now. On those dreams, goals, aspirations, hopes.

Say what you need to say. Do what you need to do. Claim your 10. Figure how you're gonna get there. Who you will assemble on your camp. Who you will avoid. What you will start and what you will stop doing. Start now.

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