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Health- What it is for Me

Health isn't just proper eating & exercise, but very much a practice of proper hygiene. The body itself has natural built-in systems to detoxify, so practicing this form of self-care without also brings much delight, joy & relief to the system

Cleaning your room, your house, washing your laundry, along with taking a bath, brushing your teeth & gargling, are all part of keeping our internal & outer environments healthy!

Alongside this health regimen, it's also good to support both the body & the environment - through the use of sustainable, fair-trade, low carbon-footing products that also support your local communities.

Here in the Philippines, I am absolutely in love with HUMAN NATURE - a brand of local bath & body products that care not just for you but the planet! All their ingredients are locally-sourced ensuring that there is low carbon consumption with production while supporting local communities, & that they are organic & free of harmful chemicals is just cherry on top of the icing - so good for both the body & soul.

My guru is like my angel because more than 12 years ago he already taught me & my classmates about the value of using these products - both for my body & the earth. They even have chemical-free facial care sets that delight those who want to put on makeup now & then. I am happy to say I've supported them for a happy number of years - &, in turn, my body & the planet. Go source your chemical-free local suppliers today for your body & home care essentials! It's great to feel clean & know you're helping not just yourself but the environment & local communities, at large! Make that act count!

Go Green! Health is Wealth on all levels! Razzle-dazzle!

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