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I Don't Need to Be any Particular Way for Anyone Else's Comfort or Protection.

Updated: May 24

Everyone is comforted & protected by God/Goddess/Spirit. Whose essence is Love, Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Joy & Harmony - living in through & as me Expressing & expanding in, through & us all.

The flowers blooming beautifully without worry, the trees growing strong & sturdy without compunction, stars shining brightly & beautifully without competition & planets revolving steadily without haste but always arriving on time.

God/Goddess/Spirit is comfort & protection embodied in everyone & everything - as the same God/Goddess/Spirit of comfort & protection in me. I don't even worry about my heartbeat yet it beats for me, keeping me alive as I sleep.

The stomach digests my food even if I am upside down, keeping me nourished. The nervous system sends signals so I can do & be as I wish upon order. I am & can be My Self, as I Am & wish to be - comforted & protected as God/Goddess/Spirit - free. And as I allow myself to enter, stand on, support, nurture, tend to, uphold, protect & embody my self, my own divine, sacred space of knowing, feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, honouring, speaking, acting, embodying, enjoying, expressing, experiencing, being.

I allow the ecstatic dance of Life to take place as my own Life expressing & dancing - so Life may be fully & wonderfully IT'S SELF As Me. And I give everyone else permission & freedom to do the same. As I honour, love & nurture myself, I liberate others.

And so it is.

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