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Luna, and How She Affects Us

When the moon was in Cancer I've run into so many sound frequency healing modalities (i.e. affirmations, meditation, sound frequency healing, mantras, Kirtan, Nadam Yoga, crystal bowl sound healing, etc.) that helped release dense energies from my being - for levity. During the Ancestral Healing Summit from the Shift Network with the talk facilitated by Dr. Shahini Jain, I encountered the Ganesh Mantra that helps dissolve or disperse dense contracted or locked frequencies in the root chakra related to ancestral programming. Traumas & the means to cope with traumas are passed on from one generation to the next through our DNA to ensure the survival of the lineage & our species - which are well & good, if we are running away from a predator seeking survival - but these are often experienced as really dense energies that can keep you locked in certain feeling states or behavioral patterns underlined by insecurities, unwarranted fears, anxieties, resentments, etc. that, these days, can impede optimum living than assist it. Where these no longer support growth & expansion, sound healing can assist in dispersing these dense frequencies to liberate you from the energy, "locks," so you can ascend & move forward in your timeline, unimpeded. She chanted the mantra during the summit & recommended allowing the frequency waves to flow through, without feeling as if we need to do anything with it or with what arises from the chant, to be released - to just let go & allow it.

Ganesh is the God of Knowledge, Wisdom, Harmony & Bliss & Known as the Remover of Obstacles. Sanskrit is engineered in such a way as to resonate with the brain depending on the consonant & vowel combinations & the mantra spins frequencies that liberate one from these dense energies for levity.

When I took it during the summit, following Dr. Jain's recommendation to just let it all flow & go, I felt levity & a sweetness arise in me, releasing any density I felt from the workshops. I found myself smiling, like all, "contraction," was taken from me - which are normally the low-vibration energy states like fear, guilt, shame, doubt, etc., replaced by feelings of calmness, safety, assurance, joy & peace. The nature of Energy is always to flow. We are made up of Energy, at our essence, & where Energy flows, there Life goes. Whenever there is a block in this Energy (whether it be because of posture, trauma, eating habits, etc.), imbalances & discomforts arise to signal to you that something is off. Feelings are friends & they inform you when a block as taken place, depending on how you feel, so you can, "work," through it, energetically (energy is back of all manifestation), so you can relax & be free. Ignore the feeling & the discomfort grows louder so you have no option but to address the problem so it may be fixed. Thus, sound frequency healing assists in the release of these energy locks so we may return to equilibrium & proper energy flow that heals & supports our system - body-heart-mind-soul. I have then since taken other sound baths for decompression (like Nadam Yoga, Kirtan, & crystal bowl sound healing) - all of which allow me to ascend to lightness (during seeming times of contraction), through energetic frequency alignment - & a remembrance that I am here to enjoy life in lightness - to be light, rather than heavy, & endure. There was all the difference. My yoga felt light after & even chaturanga, which used to be an okay-let's-do-this-roll-up-your-sleeves challenging flow became light, easy & fun - like all of a sudden I found the easiest route or way through it it made me giggle with delight at the discovery because nothing in me felt heavy anymore either 😄 It was like i discovered the other side of the coin & i was revelling in it 😄 General dispositions were relieved of, "duties," not in line with joy & the expansion of my soul, & I, "feel myself," again, happy.

Here is a sample, for you, should you feel the need. It's nice to take it relaxed or lying down, like a sound bath or energy wash/cleanse - letting it all be done for you. Easy. Enjoy 😄

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