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Move, Connect.

Move like you love yourself.

Neptune is the planet of unity - she is here now, so she is thinning all the membranes that separate us - making everyone susceptible & permeable to suggestion. Everything you read or watch right now will affect you in ways you never imagined. So in these moments it is very important you:

(1.) Mind what you expose yourself to

Reading, watching news, etc. - making yourself aware is okay - but if you find yourself hyperventilating or acting like a chicken running around with its head chopped off, it's best to detach for a few moments & center yourself. It's never good to act, speak or make major decisions from a place of panic because the seed you plant in this state will be magnified & you will harvest them as fruits you eat bigger than when you started. You may be scared but you don't need to hurt yourself from this place. Act only from a place of faith, hope & love, & harvest only that.

Take a break from the news & social media, & ground yourself in time with loved ones, exercise, prayer & meditation - or super mundane life-saving chores like cleaning the house or doing laundry. Cooking, eating, watching feel-good movies - all seem so simple but they are all so grounding & will bring you back down to earth - where you should be. There is magic in being normal & human. Be where & who you are, now.

(2.) Calm your self & your nerves

Watch your breath. The breath controls the nervous system which either releases feel-good hormones (that activates your vitality & raises your immunity) or stress hormones (that lowers your vitality & supresses your immunity). In these moments, relaxing & being calm will save you more than freaking out & panicking will. If you run around like a headless chicken you increase your chances of contracting something you are freaking out to avoid. So cool it.

Here are techniques to ground:


Assume a seated position with your feet flat on the ground or floor. Place your right hand on your belly. Notice your breathing. Is it shallow & fast paced? Is your heart beating fast? Are you even breathing? In moments of stress or panic only either of these two states will be happening - you will either be hyperventilating or holding your breath - both of which give rapid release of the stress hormone cortisol in your system & locking all your muscles & nerves causing massive energy blocks suppressing your vitality & immunity. You need to keep this checked to keep your immunity up so begin to slowly relax your breath now...

Imagine yourself in your favorite scene of nature on the grass in an open field with flowers... or by the sea hearing the sound of waves with the water spraying your face... or beside a waterfall, listening to the roaring water... Imagine yourself grounding with nature & notice how that calms your body & mind. You can do this exercise lying down on the ground if that feels better for you. Really sinking into the sensations of the ground to the body or the chair to the body. Feel your presence in the room.

Now notice your belly. Relaxed breathing allows the belly to rise on an inhale, and compress on an exhale. Follow this breath for a few moments... the right hand rising with the belly on an inbreath... the compression of the right hand on the belly an out breath... Enjoy this for at least a minute. Inhale... exhale...

Now slow it down a bit - following the lines of a square... take 4 counts to inhale - your breath tracing the lines of the square as your belly rises.... then hold your breath - your hold tracing the lines of the square as your belly sustains the hold... then exhale - your exhale tracing the lines of the square as you compress your belly down. Sustain this breath flow for at least 1 minute 4 counts tracing the lines of a square with every movement of breath. And just enjoy this for a while.

Now close your eyes & listen to your breath as you continue with this breath flow & practise... Feel the breath expand into your being on your inhale expanding to parts that feel locked or tight... Then as you exhale relax & release all this tension to the floor, melt it like butter. Each inhale expand into your being. Each exhale relax into your being. Release all your stresses & concerns to the floor.

Do this for at least 5 minutes til you feel yourself more centered, your body & muscles relaxed.


Any exercise that allows you to mind your surroundings & body will be wonderful now. Even walking minding the color of the sky & flowers or trees will help ground you to the present. As you move & breathe, you bring back your awareness to the here & now.

When you are panicking your left brain is hyper active worrying about the past (which builds regret) or the future (which builds anxiety). The right brain activates the NOW activity & any exercise that grounds you in the here & now assists in balancing your nervous system while bringing the release of feel-good hormones & just as light dissipates darkness you should feel all the stress & panic dissipate.

Sex & a good orgasm also helps calm the nervous system so which ever exercise works best for you at this time I recommend you take them so that every move you make & every step you take is one taken in faith, hope & love - that yields the best not just for you but for all people on earth.


You are right where you need to be & with the people you need to be with - otherwise you would be elsewhere now. Find something to be grateful for in your home, the company you keep. Do you know that JOY & GRATITUDE makes the molecules of your body & the molecules of your environment vibrate to beauty like snowflakes? While stress & panic or fear degrades your molecules preparing it for death? Fear is a contracted state that blocks energy flow - the nature of energy is to flow - so where energy is blocked or contracted it breeds dis-ease - which is not what you want right now. So you are locked down for a reason. So you can be grateful to everyone & everything around you & let your soul & cells & molecules sing. FIND WHAT FEELS GOOD. Do that laundry & be impeccable about it. Clean your room, fix your cabinet, trade stories with your household. How did you grow up. How your parents grew up. Every moment is sacred & if you don't find it where you are now you won't find it outside your own space. The salvation of God is not tomorrow when the virus is gone. If he is Omnipresent, Omnipotent & Omniscient (ever present, ever powerful, ever intelligent) then He is here now where you are. And it is up to you to receive & experience His blessedness. Bask in it. You are not apart. Experience the Love pouring on you like golden light lighting up all your cells & making them all smile & sing. As the song you are. Life is not outside of you. YOU ARE LIFE. Experience this & enjoy this deeply now.

Saturn is also here, the Lord of time & space & order. There is only order in the Universe as there is in you. Trust this deeply. It crystallises Spirit to matter & you are her perfect expression.

Stay beautiful.

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