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Self & Body Commitment

Depression, anxiety, mood swings, icky, ugly feelings, all stem from either a lack of proper nutrient support for the system, lack of proper circulation or energy flow, lack of proper elimination of toxins, lack of neurotransmitters circulating in the system, too much exposure to things you don't like/energies that don't go with your

ideals/attention to things beyond your control, etc.

It's important to ground because the happy receptors of the brain are not just monitoring the outside world (exteroceptors) but we have interoceptors & proprioceptors that govern our internal environment as well as our time-space processing - both activated when we exercise. Exercise activates these receptors that not only activates & inspires vital body processes (for awesome life & survival) but it also reins in our hyper awareness of things beyond our control by bringing our awareness back to our body & the here & now, bringing a sense of assurance, grounding & peace. You have been given a plot by Life - your own Life & the things within it, for you to grow & cultivate, love, share & appreciate. And within those alone your roots grow strong & the support from the earth awakens in you expanding that good as you cultivate. "The grass is greener where you water it." You can be who & where you are. You don't need to be everywhere or all over the place. You don't need to be everyone or everything. Because you're not. You're you. You don't need to be who or what you're not. Your body limits & grounds you - is a blessing. Honor it. Honor the body & it's needs & it's limits - the science of your limits - & increase peace & love in your life (you can't really feel them apart from your body anyway). Peace or love can't just be a concept you talk or debate about. Sometimes it's best to shut up & just live it 😅😂 Talk is cheap & especially if it's simply meandering or righteous proving or belly-button contemplation, a waste of time & energy. Bring it all back to you where it counts.

Today is day 4 of week 3 of DoYouYoga.com's Forever Fit in 8 Weeks #DOYOUff8 program, "Kill It With Cardio." I just attended a live Q&A with our girl, Sam Harris-Hughes & I am super inspired by our fitness community! Logging in 19mins of my day to my first love - wholeness & well-being.

Let's live well!

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