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How often do you complain about irritability, depression, lethargy, lack of motivation or energy, & do you see how your posture does not invite your feeling or thinking to be any different? What is without affects the within - what is within affects the without - because there is only UNITY - one can only express the other & disclose each other.

Try hunching your shoulders forward, collapsing your chest, tucking your chin & looking down, say, "I am happy."

Now, try rising up tall on your spine, back straight, chest lifted & open, shoulders rolled back, chin up, & say, "I am sad."

Do you believe yourself? Well, neither does your body or your mind. There doesn't seem to be a correspondence or resonance between the two & there is a disconnect. "I am sad," goes with a collapsed chest, hunched shoulders, chin tucked looking down, while, "I am happy," corresponds with a lifted spine, open chest, welcoming shoulders, chin and eyes looking forward & up. The open posture allows energy to flow freely in the body allowing you to feel the actual energy flowing so there are no locks & you are able to channel these energies as positive feeling & thinking inspiring you to positive doing. While the collapsed posture locks energy flow disallowing ease of energy circulation & blood flow bringing stress & tension in the body because of the blocks leading to negative feeling & thinking & eventually speaking & doing.

You can posture yourself to depression - how interesting is that? It's true. If you want to lift that contracted state just mind the body - it will lift, once you do!

You can posture yourself to excellence & positivity - if you wanted to. You can lead yourself & your life forward simply by how you carry yourself - isn't that amazing? Energy flows & there Life goes - keep the channels expanded & open & there Life will all ways be! Keep the channels open & all Good has room to enter. Keep it collapsed & contracted & you keep it out. It's that simple. YES. NO.

And how does this apply to or benefit the collective? The collective starts with, "I," - there is no collective without you. You assign the meanings you receive from without & assign the intentions you put out from within. You are the hingepoint from which all Creation flows - the First Cause of all the effects you receive. You are always always planting seeds, always at choice. YES. NO.

So when you stand tall you can say, "I am happy," and your mind will believe you and not wonder what you're talking about. And when you say, "I am sad," there won't be any shadow of a doubt either.

There is only UNITY. What you do to the mind & heart, affects the body. How you carry your body & care for it affects your heart & mind. There is only resonance & correspondence - for better or worse. The same ripples come back at you to mirror how you are from your Universe. Your posture is entirely up to you.

You choose them apples.


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