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The Life of Service

Updated: May 24

"The two most important days in your life are the day you were born & the day you find out why." - Mark Twain

We've worked with communities since 2005 for environment & wellness initiatives & on one of these expeditions I was asked to lead 400 people on the streets of Barangay Tumana, Marikina City, Philippines for their wellness day with yoga...

It was their first time so i was excited to give them an experience - which was always what i loved about what i do - sharing the magic of their own bodies & the magic of Life, to people.

After a series of short lectures on mind & body & leading them through some basic postures, it was time for the tree pose...

I loved the residents & their focus... They lifted their arms above their heads & focused on staying grounded on one leg as their breaths opened them to the heavens...

And as their palms met, chest lifted, I could feel this pin-drop silence that seemed like a sudden wave that swept through the whole area, clearing it - silence... stillness... focus... God...

I was up on stage & it came to me, moving me almost to tears. This is what I was born for. This... is why it all happened. This is why I am here.

And I felt so honored & so blessed. We've done work with Barangay Tumana for their river cleanups because in those days trash was everywhere & flash floods would take over leaving the residents harried & worried.

And in only a few efforts there were no flies to be found which used to be an area full of garbage the air actually smelled good that day, & the people's feelings of safety & confidence for their location thrived, thanks to the enthusiasm & tireless efforts of its Barangay Captain, Zifried Ancheta. It’s weird, this thing called, “economics,” - for a town that is not considered so, "rich," i went home feeling like I was the richest woman on earth. I know money can be all that but there really are some things - SO MANY F*CKING THINGS money can't buy... Like community, being together doing things that mean something to everyone, & heart.

And that's just f*cking awesome.

Life is awesome & I am honored to be sharing this platform with you for good!

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