• Ayee

The Neuroscience of Safety & Self-Love

You beat yourself up too much.

Remember you have proprioceptors that monitor your time space position. Interoceptors that monitor your internal environment & exteroceptors that monitor your external environment &7 out of their discussion you come up with the thoughts, feelings, words & acts that serve to protect you & keep you safe.

This is automatic & neurological cos you're not created to hurt yourself.

You're here to support yourself. Your nervous system is not designed to lead you astray. You can trust yourself & your responses & know it is because of LOVE.

In that alone, in your nervous system alone, you are protected, whether you're aware of it or not. You protect yourself all the time. So pat yourself on the back. You are always operating in Divine Intelligence. You always know the best way to go. It's not out there. It's already in you.


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