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Venus in Cancer

Updated: May 24

Venus in Cancer influences us to seek our value as reflected or mirrored & given by another...

Uranus in Taurus is shaking our very foundations asking us to re-examine our values & the grounds we truly stand on while Mars is all about fighting for & being aggressive in behalf of our values & what we value...

I felt all this in a relationship as I struggled to find my value in my partner - feeling disappointed when I felt my love not appreciated or returned - & it’s funny because when you think about it he is a person too whose value calls to be mirrored & reflected back to him- his own person with his own value separate from & apart from me.

And there is a tug of war of projection & blame & it took an in-depth Sādhanā or a 7day daily yoga commitment to make me see my own value as myself I’ve been demanding my partner to see or appreciate when I haven’t even taken the time to honor it in myself til I got on my mat...

And I saw it cannot really happen - that complete appreciation I demand cos nobody really knows me completely nor appreciate me as I could be appreciated than I can & should appreciate my self first & it made me see the expectation I was imposing I could first exercise to myself as self responsibility so i could get what I want & also just see my partner for what he is - a soul longing for appreciation & self value as me.

We are all fighting for love & value & appreciation, struggling to be heard & seen right now because life is shaking our very foundations we are wanting a foothold we forget we are all on the same boat & we are all each other’s reflections to each other... disgust when we feel we are better & the other person is not mirroring our value or pleasure when we feel seen - but all mirroring just the same.

This is such a beautiful song by none other than the beautiful JT heartfelt about how valuable we are to each other at this time.

We can hold each other gently & make space of kindness for our own process & another’s without judgment because if it is true we are each other’s reflection the disgust we feel from another simply reflects our own self disgust & refusal to self-see or take time... and our own appreciation for other mirrors our own gratitude for ourselves & our lives & the time we have taken to do so.

Life is a mystery. Let us stop hurting ourselves, each other & it for demanding answers that can only be given in surety not when we are angry but silent, in good time - not only when we demand it or because we demand it, stomping our feet like kids. Perhaps we can pray for Beauty & Grace in the process that we may receive the Trust needed to do what we need & have things be revealed in time.

May this day find you safe in the questions themselves & the strangeness of the company & journey & not just the answers you think can save you.


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