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What Makes us but Questions

Updated: May 24

Things are rarely black & white.. neither is it only a straight line... often there are layers or loops, colors or hues... most you can’t even see with your eyes til it’s there.

And if you stomp your feet or blow your top each time you, “don’t get it,” or you’re not getting, “what you want,” cos you, “deserve better,” & have no patience nor tolerance to actually & truly, “see,” the Truth for what It is other than what you insist It be, then the only person losing out on all that richness, openness, expansion, safety, support, supply or security... or getting closer to more emptiness or insanity you wanna get away from is you.

Is it possible for you to hold your horses?

To not hyperventilate or make every moment a life-or-death, freak-out, adrenalin-starved session?

Can you not be an adrenaline-junkie (cos that can age & kill you)?

Can you check your nervous system to see it wasn’t just the sugars or coffee you chugged mindlessly as you scrolled through social media?

Can you give your endocrine glands a break - see that no tiger is chasing you?

Can you not buy into your own bullcrap drama that you’d want to at least sell for millions on Netflix so its worth your while cos it’s just fucking your immune system & screwing with your own mind (& causes serious dis-eases, too)?

Can you calm down - check yourself before you continue down the path you’re on or hurt yourself (or others)?

Can you not take it all personally?

Can you not make sweeping generalizations or wild accusations that serve no one including you?

Can you ease up on the self-absorption?

Can you not make it all about you?

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